People: our best asset

The true heart of Aparici is not found in seeds, but in the people. People who utilise their own talent and personal knowledge to enhance the excellence of a treasure found in our land - the onion, in all its different varieties.

Mr José Aparici Escrivá, the founder of our company, proudly handed the baton of responsibility to his sons, Pepe and Fernando. The family run business continues to thrive with Fernando and Lara, the third generation to follow in the example of their predecessors.

But the Aparici family goes far beyond blood ties and includes all the professionals within our company, who strive daily to make our products recognized and valued worldwide.

Both our employees and our network of partner-producers ensure the product is of the highest level with their commitment and dedication. We highly value our customers, some of whom have been with us for over 30 years, who enrich our vision of the business and are an incentive to continually improve.


To all of them, THANK YOU.