Farming tradition and innovation

Aparici promotes a cultivation method based on the combination of its deep-rooted agricultural tradition and the incorporation of modern technology which allows us to have more control of the whole process, thus creating a product of the highest quality.

An integrated production that promotes maximum respect for the environment, thanks to practices compatible with the protection and improvement of the environment, as well as the natural resources it provides us with.

In this sense, the company minimises as far as possible the use of phytosanitary products -such as pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers- with the aim of progressively adapting its cultivation method until “zero waste” agriculture is implemented.

This objective is in line with the company’s mission to offer consumers the freshest and healthiest onions all year round, whilst maintaining responsible production and guaranteeing maximum quality and food safety.

The recipe for the success of the onions that Aparici markets all over the world is based on its cooperation with the land. Fertile soil, favoured by sunny days and cool nights, along with the farmers’ care and commitment to their cultivation mean that our onions taste the best.

The most important aspect of the crops that the company grows together with its associate growers is their quality. The demanding Aparici Quality System sets rigorous guidelines for their execution.


The search for a dry, warm climate capable of enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of this great treasure of our gastronomy is of utmost importance. The perfect climate is dependent on the time of year and therefore we use ground in a range of areas, in Spain this includes Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha.

However, when it comes to offering customers the highest quality 365 days a year, there are no limits to distance to ensure our quality is met and, for this reason, its network of growers extends as far as South America, with crops in Chile and Peru.

This way, the consumer can enjoy our product all year round, maintaining its excellent characteristics without its availability being affected by seasonality.