Four decades of hard work and dedication

The extraordinary quality of the Aparici onions is the result of more than four decades of effort and dedication by a family passionate about growing this vegetable and, above all, passionate about doing the work well.

A path started in 1975 by Mr José Aparici Escrivá, who founded company in its first generation. The business was passed down to his two sons, Pepe and Fernando, who introduced new farming systems and varieties.

They inherited the good work of their father and, thanks to this solid base, managed to make the Aparici brand synonymous with quality, both in our country and outside our borders.

Don José Aparici Escrivá
D. José Aparici Escrivá
Aparici, segunda generación.
Mr. Fernando Aparici Rosa together with their son and daughter Fernando and Lara Aparici Espert.

Thus, the international recognition was driven by the second generation of the family and is now being realised through exports to major markets around the world.

The company is currently run by the third Aparici generation, represented by the founder’s grandchildren, together with a team of highly qualified professionals.

Fernando and Lara have wisely combined the deep experience of their predecessors with systematic processes under the most demanding standards, thus ensuring thorough control at all stages, resulting in an excellent product, with continuous supply 365 days a year of all of the varieties.

It is by their hand that Aparici have been able to introduce different types of garlic from the same growing areas as their onions, which have been incorporated into the portfolio of products.

All of this, with the latest technology available in the field of product preservation and packaging, as well as digitisation of management and production, demonstrates Aparici’s highest quality certification.

A world-renowned and valued product

Today, Aparici supplies the main national markets thanks to the marketplaces network. In addition, the distributors ensure the product is delivered to any geographical point through fruit stores, grocery shops, local markets, catering, restaurants, hotels, etc…

On the other hand, the company supplies directly to the logistics platforms of different national and international supermarket and hypermarket chains and works with the main European purchasing centres.

So, Aparici onions are not only popular in Spain, but their taste and quality are appreciated all over the world.