An excellent product all year round

Placing the customer at the centre of a business strategy goes far beyond a commercial objective and involves an ambitious and continuous challenge in terms of quality, both in terms of the product and the service that surrounds the entire process.

Quality, for its part, is defined by the brand itself –Aparici – ensuring an excellent product 365 days a year.

The best varieties, the best land and the best farmers, with exhaustive monitoring of the crop – from sowing to harvesting – governed by the Aparici Quality System, guarantee the result.

Each onion is harvested at its optimum point of ripeness and left to dry in the field, in a natural way, in order to preserve its quality and consistency.

When the variety or the supply itself requires storage, this is carried out in conditions which will ensure the best conservation, with controlled temperature and humidity and with meticulous classification and calibration.

Furthermore, and to reinforce the excellence of the product, Aparici offers a meticulous service that integrates a double aspect: a highly coordinated and efficient supply service, which allows packing and dispatch in less than 24 hours from the acceptance of the order, and a commercial service that extends beyond the delivery, offering expert and permanent advice even at the point of sale itself.

Each order is unique and is prepared exclusively according to the requirements of the customer, with perfect synchronisation of all packaging and sales processes.

The development of new varieties and innovation in formats for marketing products are part of Aparici’s focus for the future, we are always attentive to the prevailing market trends and the demands of the new consumer.