Cultivation method

Firmly moving towards Sustainability

It is as important for us that the soil is perfectly adapted to the variety of onion that is to be grown on it, as it is for us to respect the natural environment we utilise to grow our products.

We are concerned about the environment, and therefore, we limit the use of phytosanitary products as much as possible and carry out efficient water management thanks to our drip irrigation system.

We are also closely involved with some of our customers in the implementation of reusable packaging systems within the supply chain (such as IFCO, Euro Pool). A sustainable solution based on the concept of a circular economy.

Another of our actions aimed at minimizing waste is the utilisation of all our onions. Those that do not meet our demanding high-quality standards – due to their size, shape and/or color – are instead directed for other uses.

In Aparici each onion counts, so when it comes to small defects, the onions are used for peeled and/or frozen onions or for the production of feed or fertilizers.

 We have firmly begun our journey on the path of sustainability, but we are aware that much remains to be done…